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The Urban Orchestra is a modern, ‘urban’ approach to an amazing musical form that is too often trapped in the conventions of the past.

The Urban Orchestra not only has a young, ethnically diverse, gender-balanced membership, it updates the live experience by putting the audience right next to the orchestra. Much like a rock concert, where the crowd is pressed up to the stage, The Urban Orchestra creates that same ‘rock and roll’ intensity by placing the orchestra in the middle of the audience. Imagine yourself, as a member of the audience, experiencing the raw power of an orchestra from only a few feet away. The Urban Orchestra brings its audience the proximity and intensity common with other forms of live music – the way orchestral music deserves to be heard.

What Makes The Urban Orchestra Unique

In most modern concert performances, the audience is too far from the orchestra to experience its true power. The audience stares at the conductor’s back, and feels emotionally disconnected from the performance. They may as well be watching the performance on TV.

With The Urban Orchestra, the audience is practically on top of the musicians. They hear every single instrument, see the music on the stands and feel each musician’s deep desire to realize the composer’s musical creation. This close proximity also allows the music to be heard with much more clarity – much better than the cavernous concert hall experience.